Open Studio Show : part two

I was glad to get a moment to take a few pictures before the crowds came.
Here is one of the largest platters, 20" diameter. It found a new home!  I displayed it on a plate stand near my studio mascots. I can't stand the thought of a caged bird although I would love the have one.  I'll settle for my little fake birds that are perched just above my main work table that looks out into the woods.
It was a beautiful fall weekend, we estimated that about 200 + people came. I think it was even busier than last weekend!
 On one of the main display walls I set up the three part mural, "Dreamland".
I love the owl in this piece and the little white animal with the turquoise blue wings.

Crystal glazes, bees and roses!  This series was a smashing hit! Still have more to choose from, call me or come out to our one day December show. I'll post more info later.

 THE WALL OF BIRDS! The bird series continue to be a favorite.  One sweet woman from Raleigh bought 35 birds!  It was exciting!  She is going to have  flock of birds in her new bathroom. Time to make some more fast!