Open Studio Show: first weekend

We were working up until to the last minute setting up for the show. No surprises there, no matter how early I start it always take exactly that amount of time to finish. It is exhausting but I'm always so happy to see my work displayed nicely.

Here is a view of the entrance as you come down the driveway through the gate on the side of the studio.  I had a series of eight bird plaques, now there are only 3 left.

People commented on how the glazes looked beautiful in the natural light.
I think they would look lovely on a porch wall!

 Saturday was rainy and chilly, but we had a great turn out. We think at least 200 people during the weekend.  I wish I had some pictures of the crowd,  but I was either too busy or forgot! I will try to get pictures this weekend. It's so much fun to get a shot of the person with the pieces they choose to get!
I sold a few shoe sculptures!(not this one). It takes a certain person, usually a woman but not always. They have a great sense of humor, the love of whimsy, fantasy or absurdity!

Here is one area of the main wall inside the studio, a wall vase with botanical wall hanging plates surrounding it.