Cedar Creek Gallery Teapot Show

In the  beautiful countryside of Creedmoor, NC is a jewel of a place--Cedar Creek Gallery a truly outstanding fine craft gallery. Well worth the trip and you can see  The National Teapot Show! It will be open May 21 10am-6pm every day until August 21. America's best teapots are on display (and available for purchase) during this show.

Butterfly Teapot, by Cathy Kiffney, wall hanging teapot 14"x14"x2"

Jumping Rabbit Teapot, by Cathy Kiffney, 16"x14"x2"


I'm excited to have 2 of my wall hanging teapot pieces in the 100 Teapots V show at Baltimore Clayworks.
This is a national show, juried by Nick Joerling.  There is a beautiful slide show of the work on their web site. 

Jurors Statement:
My dictionary says a teapot is “A covered pot with a spout.” I smile at the judiciousness of that definition, like characterizing a human being as an upright body with a face. Buried in both succinct summations is the rich unending variety of mechanics, spirit, aesthetics, emotion, intellect. I like the blue-collar aspect of pots, that they do the every day work of carrying, containing, delivering, but can also “step out” and stimulate the mind and imagination. I like the pots that make good use of the constraints of utility, and I like the pots that push against those boundaries: pots that entertain some dicey possibilities. In my own studio I hope for pots that have qualities of sensuality, empathy, humor and risk.    -Nick Joerling


January 15-February 27, 2011
Opening: Saturday, January 15, 2011, 6:00–8:00PM