This weeks wrap up--platters and more

Finished the first stage of painting on these five platters, so far everything looks good. It's a difficult time, before the bisque firing. That is usually when cracks will show up. I've been having difficulty with platters basically cracking in half! After all the time invested in the underglaze painting it is very painful when that happens! 

underglaze painting, fairy animal and flowers. Cathy Kiffney

underglaze painting,  Cathy Kiffney

underglaze painting,  Cathy Kiffney

underglaze painting,  Cathy Kiffney

underglaze painting,  Cathy Kiffney

Crook's Corner show is up and ready

Yesterday our show was installed at Crook's Corner. It was so nice having someone else do it! I think they did a great job. If my memory is right this will be my 30 year anniversary of my first show at Crook's.

Cathy Kiffney and Mark Brown September show at Crook's Corner, Chapel Hill, NC
Crook's Corner is a nationally recognized amazing restaurant. It's won numerous awards including the James Beard America's Classic Award for "Timeless appeal, beloved for quality of food that reflects the character of their community."  Located at the vortex of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, look for the beautiful garden on the street, you can't miss it.

Hedgehog in the Fog

By the responses I received on my tile giveaway last week, the most popular tile was the Hedgehog. I can understand why--they are so dang cute! Remember the Beatrix Potter story of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle? She was one of my favorites.

Last year I stumbled upon a 1975 Russian animation-- Hedgehog in the Fog, by Sergey Kozlov. He is a famous Russian children's writer, poet, and author of many books, songs and screenplays for children and has won numerous awards.

I was so charmed, it is a wonderful story and a great bedtime story,  even for grown-ups! Good night... :)