Holiday Party at Craven Allen Gallery

The wonderful Craven Allen Gallery (Durham, NC)  is having a party to kick off their Holiday Show! Sat. Nov. 22. 6-8. This is a fine group of LOCAL, talented artists and the nicest gallery around and the nicest people! Support Local-- it matters!
I'll have a group of pieces in the show, including Shy One (elephant) and Forget-Me-Not (whale).

Shy One, Cathy Kiffney

Forget-Me-Not, Cathy Kiffney

By the light of the silvery moon

By the light of the silvery moon, ceramic wall platter, 14" diam.
This Saturday evening from 5-7 pm is the opening of Flight,
a group show at Craven Allen Gallery in Durham, NC.
I hope you will be able to attend!

I will be showing a series of my new work
which I have transitioned into for the past year.
Change came slowly and was challenging.
I am enjoying this direction and I
would love to hear what you think about it.

I am so happy to be in the show with many
friends and wonderful artists!
 Paul Hrusovsky- paintings
helped me get my first show at Somerhill Gallery
and other gigs too numerous to enumerate

Harriet Bellows- paintings
my ceramics instructor at an intensive summer workshop at
Alfred University when I was just new to clay

Larry Downing-Sculpture
 was a studio buddy at the UNC ART Lab,
and a fellow instructor at the Durham Arts Council

Bryant Holsenbeck- environmental art
encouraged me to have Open Studio shows and shared inmany
of those shows at my Old White Cross School studio

Luna Lee Ray- paintings and mixed media
fellow Frank artist
and partner in our new
annual spring Open Studio Show

Jean Lecluyse- drawings and mixed media
fellow FRANK artist and partner in our new
annual spring Open Studio Show

Katheryn Demarco- collage
I have always adored her accomplished work

Matt Tomko- paintings
wonderful painter and I look forward to getting to know
him and his work

July 13- September 14, 2013

1106 1/2 Broad Street
Durham, NC  27705

Come fly with me...

I just unloaded the kiln and I am going to have a bunch of new work for this show (link below). It will be the first time I've shown a whole series of this newish direction that I have been exploring for the last 9 months or so.  I'll put up more pictures later in the week, so please check back!
Come fly with me. Ceramic wall hanging, 11" diam. Cathy Kiffney

FLIGHT conjures many possibilities, from lighter-than air-travel to escape.  Nine artists are featured in the gallery’s summer exhibition:   Harriet Bellows,  Kathryn DeMarco,  Larry Downing,  Bryant Holsenbeck, Paul Hrusovsky, Cathy Kiffney,  Jean LeCluyse,  Luna Lee Ray and Matt Tomko.

Craven Allen Gallery
1106 1/2 Broad St.
Durham, NC 27705