Miss Emerilda and Sister Jewel

More shimmery birds.. Each new group changes a little or a lot. This group it was a lot! I admit the whole kiln load came out horribly. I set them aside, tried not to be completely discouraged. I was thinking of that old saying-- "You can't  make a silk purse out of a sow's ear". Very close to smashing them all I gave it one more try. More glazing and  firings and ended up with this soft, opalescent surface, very feminine and romantic. I think of them as old fashioned girls. What do you think?
Sister Jewel.
Luster glaze ceramic wall bird. Cathy Kiffney


Miss Emerilda.
Luster glazed ceramic wall bird by Cathy Kiffney

Luster glazed ceramic wall bird, Cathy Kiffney

I have one more kiln load to go, fingers crossed!