Tidewater Gallery

It is so nice when a gallery owner comes to my studio. NO shipping, yay!! And I  get to meet them, and they get to pick out exactly what they want, win-win!!

If you are lucky enough to be going to the Crystal Coast of North Carolina take a trip to Swansboro, NC. It is a sweet little village right on the Cape Fear river.  Look for Tidewater Gallery in a beautiful historic house and look for my work! Say hi to the gallery director, Ray for me. Here are a few of the works they have.

Bluebird and Red Roses, Large wall platter, carved. Cathy Kiffney

Bird, wall piece. Cathy Kiffney

Jumping Rabbit wall hanging teapot. Cathy Kiffney

Red Rabbit and Dandelion, Cathy Kiffney