Cathy Kiffney ceramic wall art, ceramic tiles

“I always say perseverance is nine-tenths of any art — 
not that it's much help to be nine-tenths an artist, of course."

- Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn

Hello and welcome! Come explore my array of ceramic creations. Here you will find unique ceramic pieces that will bring beauty and fun into your home or perhaps to give as a special gift!

I make small ceramic sculptures, vessels, and wall work.
Birds, flowers, foxes, rabbits, and owls join the party. Many of my pieces are individual portraits of animals or birds whose personalities
reveal themselves as I create, others are an exploration of botanical and nature themes.

My work is about color and texture and most importantly, fun. 

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Cathy Kiffney

A litte about me and what I love:

ocean, family, my dogs, birds, 
art, friends, family, trees, animals, 
flowers, nature, beauty, smiles, silence,
music, walks, travel, moss, rain,
sun, sleep, coffee, lemon meringue pie,
science, fairy tales and working in the studio!