Just Listed

I've been adding many new works to my ETSY store and will have a sale soon! I still want to get about 10 more pieces listed before I announce it, but it will be in time to ship before Christmas if you are looking for Christmas presents, or just something for the holidays. :)

Little Green, cameo. Cathy Kiffney Ceramics
Red Faced Owl, cameo. Cathy Kiffney Ceramics
Beauty Queen, Swan Cameo. Cathy Kiffney Ceramics

Black Swan

New work coming out of the kiln. I'm still working on technical issues to get my colors to work out. Many of the under-glazes have been coming out too dark, which is very frustrating. Finally, some of them are getting to what I want. This one I'm pleased with. :)

Black Swan, oval platter. 17x13x2". Cathy Kiffney