Before and After

Here is the bisque fired bird getting more glazes.  Remember the camouflaged birds from  a previous post. That is how they look before the bisque firing.

And here are a few just out of the kiln. I like the new glazes and I am enjoying the slip trailing process and the combination of the glazes with the slips.

Some of these new birds will probably be in my upcoming show at NC Crafts Gallery in Carrboro, NC.
April 1-30.  I am still working on more pieces and will see how the next two firings go before choosing the work to show.

Glaze Mixing Mayhem

My day, sigh.
I've been working on simplifying my process of glazing so I've been slowing retiring old glazes and consolidating glazes, over 100 glazes is too many!  My frugality wont let me just chuck them out, so I've been mixing the left over into big buckets and adding a little colored oxides, tin oxide and other glaze ingredients, then testing to see if they are any good. So far I've consolidated about 25 glazes into 4 buckets and have some great colors-- never to be reproduced.