NC Ceramics inviatational

I an happy to be included in this show, NC Ceramics Invitational currently in the Touchable Gallery at the Duke Eye Center. I have a particular interest in this because my father was an ophthalmologist and started at the McPherson Hospital in Durham.  Some of you have seen this piece before, I've had this triptych for a while now. It's been in our house for a couple of years, although it is still for sale and now it is in this show along with two bird platters.

Summer Dream, triptych. 20" high x 30" wide, (aprox.) Cathy Kiffney

15 outstanding ceramic artists from Wilmington to Seagrove
 will participate in this invitational exhibit. 
January 10 - March 15  
Duke Eye Center Touchable Gallery & Reception Gallery*
Invitational Artists: Ronan Peterson, Uli Schempp, Ben Owen III, Ibrahim Said, Colleen Black Semelka, Cathy Kiffney, Ellen Kong, Elaine Reed, Hiroshi Sueyoshi, Julie Olson, Sasha Bakaric, Deborah Harris, Doug Dotson, Phil Morgan and Susan Filley

Show at NC Crafts Gallery

I've been neglecting this blog, but I have a good excuse --I'm working!!  Well, I know I could easily just pop a picture up but I hope to put a little more into the posts.  The blog has been an experiment anyway, I'm not really sure what I want to do with it.  The appeal is how immediate it is, I can have an idea about a post and boom, it goes up.  Not like waiting to update a web site which can happen maybe once a year.

I do have a feature show coming up at the NC Crafts Gallery. It is not a big space, but it is still a sweet place and the people at the gallery are just wonderful. Another bonus is that it is just a few miles away!

Emerald Green Moth Wall Vase
12"high x 8"wide
hand built ceramic, slips, glazes and decals
April Flowers

New Ceramics

Cathy Kiffney

April 1-30, 2012
Please join us for the artist reception
April 13, 6-9
during the second Friday Art Walk
 NC Crafts Gallery
212 W. Main St.
Carrboro, NC

I hope it you are in the area you will be able to stop in and see it, and it would be wonderful to meet you at the opening.

Happy Spring!

Welcoming Committee

It was such a beautiful weekend for the Open Studio Tour and we had a great turnout. Lots of pieces found new homes. Now I am replenishing the walls and the super sale area for the second weekend so there is still a great selection to choose from.  It looks like the weather is going to be nice again and I hope some of you will be able to come out!
Comet welcoming everyone to the studio

beautiful fall basket courtesy of my mother--Green Pony Garden
Animal and Hummingbird Urn, this piece was sold
Trellises set up around the yard